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The Competent Photographer: Stage 1: The Science

The Competent Photographer: Stage 1: The Science

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Publicación Ciudad/País:West River Publishing (August 17, 2015)
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The Competent Photographer Course is a series designed to efficiently teach the core concepts and skills that any competent photographer should possess. Written with the beginner in mind, it is broken down into three main stages with each chapter designed to teach the information in easy to understand chunks that build on one another as you progress. The ultimate goal is to make sure you are a well-rounded photographer with a solid foundation of photography knowledge and know-how.

Stage 1 tackles the science and the technical aspects of photography you need to know to master your camera and gain an understanding of how your choices will impact the photos you create. This book covers the following topics:

1) Basic Camera Usage
2) Motion/Shutter Speed
3) DOF/Aperture/F-Stop
4) Sensitivity/ISO
5) Focus and Focusing Modes
6) Metering and Metering Modes
7) White Balance
8) The Exposure Triangle
9) Lenses
10) Care and Maintenance

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