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Walking Around Solo: Observations With Lanky Killingsworth

Walking Around Solo: Observations With Lanky Killingsworth

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Full of fun adventures about Walking Around Solo through United States, Europe, and Asia, the curious Lanky Killingsworth takes us along in the form of short stories that'll make you cackle, and poems about the wisdom in dogs, trees, sweat, and other everyday passings. Themes covered in these 36 chapters include: why spending time at the dog park is beneficial, attempting to assimilate in da club, being the only white guy on a bus through Louisiana, fasting in the desert solo, psychedelic dreams with Steve Jobs and Jay-Z, sleeping on the foggy streets of San Francisco, what Black Friday and Thanksgiving teach us, having an 18-year-old stripper and a 50-year-old gay man make offers in the same night, being treated like a human dildo, and why firefighters make a great metaphor for life. Great to read on a plane, on your lunch break, or while spending time on the can. This easy-to-read book is a great introduction to the young writer/poet. Chapter list: 1. Riders On The Storm 2. Dog Wisdom 3. Chode 4. Limp Bizkit 5. College Dating 6. In da Club 7. Wonda What My Wife Is Doing Right Now? 8. Infinite 9. Ameri-CAN 10. Walking Around Solo In Louisiana 11. Sweat Wisdom 12. Hostel Adventures: Washington DC 13. “I’m Not Religious… I’m Spiritual” 14. Joshua 15. Tree Wisdom 16. The Green Market 17. Red Stones 18. Natural High 19. Lost In Technology 20. Blacked Out Friday 21. Constipation Complications 22. Constipation Rectification 23. No Baby 24. Desert Wisdom 25. 99 Problems 26. I Can 27. A Long Foggy Night In Frisco 28. The Human Dildo 29. My Mind Is Not Me 30. Shopping For Milfs 31. Mature In Marin 32. Peace To Grizzly Adams 33. Mysterious Alley 34. A Gay Ol’ Time 35. Firefighting 36. The Past Is Not Dead

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